We can end homelessness in Canada, once and for all.

Big change is possible now
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As COVID-19 emerged and rapidly spread in our communities, public health officials urged us to stay home, make sure we washed our hands and sought medical help if we needed it.

But what about those who don’t have a safe place to call home?

As we recover from COVID-19, we need to ensure that our federal government invests not only in industry, but in people. And most importantly, we must make sure people experiencing homelessness are not once again left out. A recovery for all.

We are at a unique moment in time when big change is possible – we have an aligned federal Parliament and a public sharing in some of the fear and anxiety that our homeless neighbours feel every day. With proven models to follow and with your help, we can end homelessness.

Canadians experiencing homelessness


each year


on any given night

Source: State of Homelessness in Canada

The time is now to solve Canada’s housing crisis

For decades homelessness in our country followed a relentless and lethal trajectory, increasing steadily year after year.

There is hope

A small but growing number of cities have begun successfully reversing this trend and reducing homelessness.

Reduced Homelessness Successfully

Cities that are successfully reducing homelessness










Dufferin County


Medicine Hat


Region of Durham

How do we do it?

This is where you come in.

Big change is possible now. We are building a grassroots movement to tell our federal government that we cannot waste this moment.

Our government needs to fund a COVID-19 recovery that will make the right investments that not only stimulates the economy by creating jobs, but helps those who need it most by creating housing and economic support. If done right, this recovery effort can end homelessness in Canada, once and for all.

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The pathway to ending homelessness in Canada creates a win-win situation for everyone in Canada:


Create thousands of stable, well-paying jobs


Enhance economic prosperity for everyone


Build a strengthened social safety net

Helping those who need it the most


A federal commitment (with timelines and targets) to the prevention and elimination of homelessness, with expanded federal investment in community-based homelessness responses.


A national guaranteed minimum income to ensure those in greatest need have minimum financial resources to help them meet their basic needs and prevent homelessness when times are tough.


Construction of 300,000 new permanently affordable and supportive housing units and enhanced rental support for low-income Canadians to address Canada’s housing and homelessness crisis.


Meaningful implementation of the right to housing to surface and resolve inequities and systemic/structural breakdowns that contribute to homelessness and housing need.


Implement measures to curtail the impacts of financialization of rental housing markets by limiting the ability of large capital funds (including Real Estate Income Trusts – REITs) to purchase ‘distressed’ rental housing assets.


An adequately resourced, distinctions based, Urban and Rural Indigenous Housing and Homelessness Strategy that is developed and implemented by urban, rural and Northern Indigenous peoples and housing and service providers.

These six evidence-based measures have shown to be the right mix of policy solutions to end homeless in our country-- and they can be implemented now as part of our recovery. Learn more about them

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